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We know that Height Adjustable Desks combine many health benefits and give great flexibility for modern ways of working but how do you find the right one to suit you, your room size and decor? In this article we will help you to cut through the confusing maze of options out there and select the sit-stand desk that's perfect for your requirements and takes into account:

1- The right size - for my needs and to fit my room or office space?
2- The right shape - to suit my working style and maximise my room or office space?
3- The right frame colour and desk top finish - to complement my room décor?

So do Sit Stand desks come in various shapes and sizes to suit all office spaces whether small or large, whether open plan or cellular, whether for a single person or a communal area? Can I choose the size of the top to suit me and my office space? I have an awkward room shape to make the most of, can I maximise it with a special shaped top to suit me best? Can I choose a frame colour that works with the other furniture in the room? Are there different top finishes available to either match other furniture or complement the room décor? All these questions are genuine concerns. If you are finding the decisions mind boggling then read on and we will supply the solutions…

1 - Size

If your room or office is not going to restrict your desk size then let’s first consider how much you need or want to have on your desktop. Firstly let’s make a list of all the things you need to allow for on your desktop. The best thing is to mock this up on an existing table or flat space and put items like laptop, monitor/s, phone, printer, keyboard, mouse etc in place and decide what space you may need for any paperwork, books etc that you want to work from. Once you have got this right, then measure out the size of top you will need to achieve this working arrangement. There is a huge range of top sizes available in the Dynamisk 1 or Dynamisk 2 ranges.

But not all of us have the luxury of space and you may find that you need to cut down on the number of things on your desk. Can your printer go somewhere else? Maybe on a bookcase or drawer unit nearby. If you use a large monitor or more than one flat screen, then you will definitely benefit from using a monitor arm . These excellent gadgets get the screen up off the desk top so they are not using any of your valuable desk space and at the same time give you virtually infinite height and angle adjustments for your monitor/s allowing the best position for your situation. Having your monitor set correctly will greatly help to reduce neck and upper back strain and enhance your workstation ergonomics. A particularly flexible and simple to use range of monitor arms is the e-levate collection.

Many ranges of height adjustable desks seem to assume everyone has plenty of room, but in the real world this is not very often the case. So starting with a very compact office space there is the Skoot, this small but flexible desk has a top size of only 800x600mm and comes fitted with castor wheels for ease of moving around. Then there is the Mini which was specifically designed with smaller home offices in mind with a top size of only 1000x600mm but with all the features of a full size desk. Then there are the extensive ranges of Dynamisk 1 and Dynamisk 2 with top sizes ranging from 1200x800mm through 1400, 1600 to 1800x800mm. Both of these ranges are also available in a Slim Top version, giving all the same lengths of 1200, 1400, 1600 & 1800mm but at only 700mm deep for those slightly tighter situations.
Beyond this there is a range of corner desks in a number of different sizes and depths to suit anyone with a larger corner area to work with. These are also particularly suited to working with larger or multiple screens.

If you are still struggling to find the perfect sized desk for your space and requirements, there is the bespoke top option which can be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of you and your office space.

Oh and one more thing that may help you is the frame only option, this allows you to keep your existing top that may be just the right colour or size for your area and to mount it on a top quality height adjustable frame in a choice of colours.

If you still don’t have the answer for that very awkward or individual space, why not call and speak to one of our trained and helpful advisors who will be pleased to discuss your requirement in detail 01743 816199.


2 - Shape

When it comes to the shape of your desk you might have looked everywhere and are now thinking the only option is rectangle, rectangle or rectangle! This is not actually the case, there are square or circular desks like the Dynamisk Lift or L-shaped Dynamisk corner desks in a range of sizes to suit a larger corner area. There are of course a whole range of rectangular desks in a massive range of sizes or if you need a unique desk to suit your space, there’s the bespoke top option- let your imagination run wild! With scallops, radius corners, chamfered edges and radial tops, most if not all situations can be catered for. Please reach out to our trained advisors who will be pleased to assist you 01743 816199.

3 - Colours and Finishes

Choosing the right finishes can be a minefield and an expensive mistake if you get it wrong! So we're going to make the decision making process easier for you.
Firstly there are 18 top finishes available ranging from plain colours to woodgrain effects and this is just the stock range! These are all made from the highest grade hardwearing melamine finished boards with a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind.
Then there is a range of real wood veneer tops giving the warmth of real wood in Ash, Oak and Walnut finishes.
If you are looking for the vintage retro look there is a range of 33mm thick solid tops made from Reclaimed Scaffold Board planks and sanded to give a smooth finish whilst retaining the beauty and character of the natural knots and wear and tear marks.
Then for the purist there is the real solid Oak range with the full beauty and natural grain variation of Oak expertly finished with smooth matt lacquer.
Once you have looked at these options and got an idea of what you want to suit your décor, why not make sure for peace of mind with our free desk top sample service!
In addition to this vast array of desk top finishes there is a huge range of 7 different frame finishes to complement the decision for your personal choice. Choose from black, silver, white, anthracite metallic, polished chrome, and raw steel (Retro finish) in either matte or gloss finish.
We’re sure you’ll agree that with this huge choice of beautiful finishes you will find the right one for you and as ever if you have any questions, please reach out to our helpful advisors for more help 01743 816199.

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