How Do I Know If My Workplace Is Ergonomic?
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How Do I Know If My Workplace Is Ergonomic?

Posted by Kath Carron on

How Do I Know If My Workplace Is Ergonomic?

Many of us may be unaware of how much our bodies and minds are impacted by our work spaces. Stop to consider that you spend maybe 8 hours a day in your workplace,  or it could be as much as your awake time at home, so its really important that your workplace is ergonomically beneficial to you. We've put together a short checklist for you, especially relevant if you are mainly sat at a desk.


Your workspace should be well lit keeping direct sunlight away from your screens and make sure you are not looking into the sunlight either. You may wish to consider blinds or shutters to assist in this.  If your main ceiling lights are not up to much then consider a desk lamp.

The atmosphere in your office all contributes to the quality of your working day, try to remain positive and cheerful and listen to other colleagues point of view. Think about how affable  you are for your colleagues, just a simple good morning or kind gesture can go a long way in improving the whole team spirit. This in turn has an effect on how efficiently you work and how tired you feel at the end of the day.


If you are sat at a desk all day long you must remember to take regular breaks, you may wish to do some simple yoga exercises , stand up and speak to a colleague instead of emailing or use the stairs instead of the lift. Make your your desk is at the right height for you feet to be firmly on the floor.

Your may wish to consider a height adjustable desk  - this is a desk (usually electric) that raises to standing height at the touch of a button. These are also available manually operated.  You will find there is an optimum height for you and you can save this height using a programmable switch, so at the touch of a button it rises straight to your most beneficial height. You can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, helping to improve your concentration and ease back ache.


Your seat is a very important part of the ergonomic picture.  Does your chair support you properly with options such as lumbar support, seat slide to alter the depth of your seat, height adjustment and arm adjustment. You can get ergonomic seating made in virtually any fabric you like so if you feel it is worthwhile making an investment in a good chair you may wish to choose a faux leather option, or check the longevity of the fabric. (This is usually given in a rub number). If you are using an electric desk you may wish to look at the HAG chair - this is especially suited to a sit-stand desk as it can be used in a half-up/half-down position, giving another dimension to your working day.


Using a larger separate screen to your laptop can help reduce eye strain and make your work much more efficient, especially so if you use 2 or 3 screens, meaning you can have regularly visited documents open all the time, so you can just glance from one screen to the other.

However more important than this is the level that the screen are at, to ease neck ache and eye strain your screen  should be level with your eyes, so you are not looking up to it, or looking down to it. A monitor arm is a vital piece of equipment for your desk, not only to keep it tidy but also for your healths' sake. Again you need to look at the quality of monitor arm and the guarantee offered -  ERGORTON are a very well known quality brand and sell arms that positively glide along! Also available are arms for up to 6 screens.

Monitor Arms work on the weight of the screen, not the size, so this is a simple way to check that your monitor arm is suitable for your screens.  You also need to bear the weight of the arm plus screens in mind if you are using a height adjustable desk. as these have varying weight limits. Check out the Ergotron testimonial below.

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