What does Ergonomics Mean?
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What does Ergonomics Mean?

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What does Ergonomics Mean?

What does Ergonomics mean to you? 

In short Ergonomics is arranging your surroundings to keep you fit and healthy, physically and mentally. It might also be referred to as human factors, biotechnology or human engineering. Many of us may think it doesn't apply to our circumstances and we are getting along well, however your stress and concentration levels, along with aches and pains or maybe a more chronic condition can all be helped. Here's how...

Your chair ...

Its not only bad back sufferers that need a decent chair, prevention is better than cure!

Does you chair tilt? Does it have lumbar support? Is your neck propertly supported? 

Your desk ...

Using a height adjustable desk means you can keep moving throughout the day, There isn't a correct ration for sitting/standing its what suits you and your body. The main thing is to keep moving.

If you don't have a height adjustable desk make sure your sitting position to your fixed desk is correct. The arms of your chair should be in line with the desk.

Your Environment ...

Low level lighting is best for working at a computer, reduce excessive ceiling lighting. Sunshine is a wonderful natural boost, however this can cause glare and shadows if it is streaming in directly behind your computer, so you may want to consider an adjustable blind. If you are doing a lot of reading /non computer work, use a low-glare adjustable desk lamp.

Make sure your workplace is well ventilated and at the right temperature. There is evidence to suggest 71.6F or 22C is an ideal working temperature, but you may feel this is too warm. Anywhere between 16 and 23 is acceptable.


Your Computer ...

Adjust the brightness of you screen to reduce eye fatigue and make sure your screen is at eye level by using a monitor arm.


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