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 Can u get an ergonomically sound office chair for under £500? Absolutely you can ..... Of course there is a big difference between a cheap office chair and an ergonomcally beneficial office chair at a reasonable price.  A mass produced imported chair will not only last a short time but could also be the cause of many back and neck related problems so you may be costing yourself a lot of money and time in the future by not investing in a good quality chair.

Whats Available?

Theres loads of office chairs available under £500 , you can buy an office chair for a tenth of the price but what are you really getting? A cheap chair firstly would not have a warranty, the mechanism would only go up and down - not adjustments such as tilt/slide, and there would be very few ergonomic benefits. So you do need to be very careful about buying a cheap chair - find a chair with robust construction to ensure longevity and comfort.  Lets look at what features you can get for under £500.

Features to look for...

There are many features that are crucial for maintaining proper posture and preventing discomfort especially during long hours of sitting.

  1. Adjustable arms - height and width
  2. Seat Slide/seat depth adjusment
  3. Lumbar support
  4. Tilting mechanism
  5. Option of headrest
  6. Backrest height adjustment
  7. Castor Wheels


Some examples...

There are many branded chairs that are very well known such as the Herman Miller Sayl Chair, this is available under £500, and the humanscale diffrient world chair however you do need to remember that we are all made so differently that not one chair will suit everyone so you need to consider a wide range of options.

The Pepi mesh chair is a good quality ergonomic chair with seat slide, a choice of different mechanisms, adjustable arms and a moulded foam seat that can be made in any fabric you wish for. The mesh back gives a modern twist to it and the base can be in polished aluminium as well as black.

However, all the chairs listed still will  not fit every one person. If you are short person or a tall person these chairs may not be suitable despite all their adjustments.

The BBC range is unique in that there are many different sizes availble with different shaped backs, but on top of this the chair can be made to any size! As standard it comes with a lumbar pump, seat slide, free float or fixed seat, seat tilt, adjustable arms, (four way available), backrest height adjustment, optional headrest and a weight limit of 150kgs. Manufactured in the UK.

All these examples are available at under £500 incl VAT.

Warranty and Reviews

All chairs at Emotion Office have a minimum 5 year warranty. This can be a major guiding factor in helping you to choose the right chair for you and your team. Also look at where the chair is manufactured.

Its wise to check customer revews and ratings to gauge the experiences of others, not only in the service of the company as a whole but look at actual product reviews as well.



Finding a quality office chair under £500 is entirely feasible, with many options offering great ergonomic support and durability. Consider your specific needs, such as adjustability, materials, and additional features, to ensure you select a chair that will provide comfort and support for your workday. Investing in a good office chair is an investment in your health and productivity, making it well worth considering the best options within your budget.



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