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What does Made To Measure Mean?

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What does Made To Measure Mean?

"Made To Measure" in short means a product or service that is customized or tailored to fit a specific individual's requirements or specifications. It typically implies that the item is created or adjusted to fit the precise measurements, preferences, or needs of the customer, rather than being produced in a standardized or one-size-fits-all manner. This term is commonly used in various industries such as fashion, furniture, and manufacturing, where personalized or customized products are offered to meet the unique needs of customers.

What are the most common meade to measure items?

We've listed a few of the most common products that you can have made to measure to suit your specific needs.


Most clothing is bought off the shelf, however there are a few exceptions. In the main you would need to contact a dressmaker or a tailor to have a garment made specifically to your measurements. Some online companies such as Jean Gaborit offer a made to measure service for boots.  Other companies such as Long Tall Sally offer all clothing in longer length and often more basic shops such as Next will offer a TALL version of standard clothing, but this isnt actually made to measure.



Furniture is probably the most common made to measure item, there are many beposke wood turners who will make furniture exactly to your size and specification. Hand made kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, where each unit is made to measure and so making it easy to use every inch of available space in your kitchen.



Many windows would be made to measure, but there are mass produced windows which would be sold through home improvement stores for residential and commercial buildings.  

However if a building has non-standard window openings due to architectural design these would be made to measure. Similarly on historic buildings, or for aesethetic preferences.  Made to measure windows are often more energy efficient as they fit more snugly in the opening.



Many people may be unaware that made to measure desks and chairs are also readily available.

Emotion Office offers a bespoke desk size, where a desk top can be made to any size or shape from a drawing. This is available in 18 desktop finishes, as well as a real wood option.

There is also a range of chairs that are made to measure for every customer. These start in a basic task chair range called the BBC range, there is a wide range of fabric options, a custom made seat and back size available and many extras such as coccyx cut out, memory foam seat and adjustable arms.

The ACCESS TO WORK range is for more specialist cases. Each chair is made specifically for the customer in a size suitable for their needs. This range of chairs is called the SPYNAMICS range, which has many many specialist options availabe such as lumbar support, thoracic pumps, four way adjustable arms, memory foam seat and coccyx cut out. There are also numerous fabric colour options. Any customers who have already obtained or are looking to obtain an Access to Work grant is entitled to a free face-time assessment, so that measurements can be taken and a recomendation from a professional, as to which chair would be the most suited.




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